I offer the following services as an independent entrepreneur:

Please contact me for client references and for concrete examples of the materials that I'll provide.

Psychological assessments

Do you need support in recruitment-related decision making? Want to get a more holistic view of the people you're leading? Psychological assessments are the way forward!

I've conducted over 1000 psychological assessments over the years, working directly for globally operating companies, and as psychologist subcontractor for various professional services companies.

My fees are following:

I use the following methods and tools in my multimethod assessments:

In leadership assessments, I provide a follow-up coaching discussion for each participant.


When you need inspiration or concrete tools for tackling your challenges, an external trainer and facilitator will come in handy. I will bring my experience, knowledge and bag of tricks to the table.

Over the years, I've conducted over 100 trainings for various international organisations across the globe. I offer a wide portfolio from inspirational speeches to full-day workshops and weekend camps.

Examples of recent trainings, workshops and speeches:


Having a background in management consulting, I can easily support you and your organisation in a consultative role. I've mainly done consulting in the areas of talent & organisation and consumer profiling.

For consulting, I charge an hourly fee of 200 euros + VAT.

Examples of recent consulting gigs: